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Blackrapid camera straps utilize a patented hardware system that connects to the tripod mount of your camera. The main differences between the straps are in the shoulder pad and how they feel and function for you.

The Shot is a modern take on the classic shoulder strap. It features a non-slip, rubber grip shoulder pad that keeps the strap in place no matter what. It also utilizes the standard BlackRapid sliding functionality. The Shot comes in a set length and can be worn on either shoulder.

The Cross Shot feature the same rubber shoulder pad as the Shot in a cross-body strap style. It can be worn on either shoulder, is adjustable and can be used as an over the shoulder strap as well.

The Metro is our slimmest strap with a thinner shoulder pad than the traditional straps. It is perfect for smaller, lighter cameras.

The Women’s KICK is designed by and for women. It has a more slender shoulder pad and the webbing cuts down the center of the chest for added comfort.

The Curve has a slightly curved shoulder pad designed to sit on the left shoulder and is the most basic of all of our straps.

The Sport is our most supportive strap. The ergonomic shoulder pad shape and built in underarm strap keep the shoulder pad in place and provide extra support when shooting. It is our only strap that comes in a version for left-handed shooters.

The Yeti is a great solution if you want to carry two camera bodies with a one shoulder, cross-body strap. It is ideal if you are using one lighter setup, shooting for a shorter period of time or only use two cameras occasionally. The Yeti can be used as a single strap and includes an underarm Brad. It also has a thicker shoulder pad, with a non-slip grip on the underside to help with the weight of two cameras.

The Double is for photographers who carry two camera bodies at once. it is ideal if you are shooting with two heavy setups for a long day and is used by many wedding and sport photographers. It can also be separated and used as a single, cross-body strap.


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