Cash for Cameras Event - July 6th & 7th

KEH Camera is the world's largest online used camera and photography equipment store .. and they're making a stop here in Burlington to buy your used equipment.

Sell your used camera gear for cash .. or receive an extra 10% value towards the purchase of a new camera or lens or DW Gift Card.

Why You Should Sell Your Old Camera Gear

Is that old Pentax K1000 35mm film camera gathering dust after that darkroom class you took in college? Being a photographer is a lifelong learning process. As you learn more about your new hobby, you revamp and upgrade your camera gear - you essentially trade your old gear for new as the technology evolves and your wants and needs change.

Clean Out Your Old Camera Gear

Since it's the season for spring cleaning, start with your old camera gear. If you recently purchased a new Sigma 35mm or 50mm ART Lens and your old 50mm lens is just collecting dust, then sell it and give it new life in the hands of another photographer.

Your old film and digital camera bodies are likely still worth something today. Dust them off and save them from the landfill. Turn your old camera gear into a winning combination of cleaning out your old camera bag and getting extra cash in your pocket.

Photo Karma is Good Karma

Many photographers started off with an entry-level DSLR or a vintage film camera found at a pawn shop .. or passed down from grandparents. Even though your entry-level DSLR isn't enough camera for you anymore, doesn't mean it isn't the perfect starter camera for someone else.

If you shoot with a crop-sensor camera and are looking to make the jump to a full-frame camera, selling the crop-sensor camera can at least get you in the door to buying the full-frame camera of your choice. At the same time, you've just provided a well-loved piece of camera equipment for a budding photographer or enthusiast to enjoy.

Thinking of making the jump to a new Fuji X-Series or a Sony E-Series mirrorless camera? Trade in all of your old cameras and lenses and receive extra value towards your new purchase.