Passport Photos

Is your passport expiring soon? If so, it’s time for a new passport photo! And who better to turn to then the experts at Duncan & Wright Foto Source? We can have your passport photo ready to go in minutes, no appointment necessary.

We specialize in adult, youth and baby passports, or just about any other kind of Canadian ID Photo or International ID Photo. Just bring the current specifications with you.

Now, it’s most likely been a while since your last passport photo so let me catch you up on the dos and don’ts of how to take your photo:

DO: Have a neutral facial expression – this means your eyes must be open and clearly visible and your mouth closed (no smiling or teeth showing)

DO: Wear coloured clothing to ensure contrast with the white background

DO: Wear your hair up or down as you choose - as long as your hair is not covering your eyes or any part of your face

DON’T: Close your eyes or open your mouth or smile

DON’T: Wear glasses - your passport photo will mostly likely be rejected

DON’T: Wear white - it just blends in with the white background

DON’T: Wear headbands or scrunches or any other visible hair adornments

DON’T: Wear an excessive amount of makeup - this creates unwanted glare or shine when the camera flash fires

DON’T: Wear sparkly jewelry or shiny lip gloss

Head coverings worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons are accepted as long as your full face is clearly visible.

Newborn babies – I know it’s nearly impossible to get a newborn to sit still in a photographer’s chair without assistance, therefore we may request that you bring a coloured baby blanket with you.

Remember .. ID photos are valid for six months from the date they are taken. If you wait any longer to submit your photo you will have to have another one taken.

Now that you have all the tools necessary, you are ready to take the best passport photo you can! Make sure to visit Duncan & Wright Foto Source before your passport expires.