ProMaster Photo Gloves

PROMASTER has released many new products this season to accommodate all levels of photographers. One of my favourite new products are the Photo Gloves designed for the active DSLR or mirrorless photographer. I have also found that they work very well with mobile photography challenges.

I started using the KNIT PHOTO GLOVES while taking my dog for long walks in the morning with my mirrorless gear. I always find the colder it gets the less likely I am to bring my camera with me. Using standard gloves or mittens led to me not being able to adjust my settings and to an overall frustrating experience. With standard winter gloves I often found myself taking them off and having to put them in my jacket (or dropping them) just to use my equipment. The longer you have your hands exposed to the cold elements the less patience you have in getting the right shot in the moment. The main feature of these gloves are the folding back index and thumb covers. The ability to use your fingers to manipulate your camera gear without exposing your hands to the harsh elements make this a great item for any outdoor photographer. They keep your hands very warm and have a ribbed wrist cuff that keeps the wind and cold out. They also have a non-slip coating on the majority of the glove to help keep a grip on the dog leash as well as your gear.

When I tested the Knit Photo Gloves, I found them especially warm for the harsh Canadian winters and know they will come in handy for many outdoor situations from family photography sessions in the snow, shoveling the driveway or riding down the mountain on your snowboard. The finger access also allows you to use your mobile device without biting your gloves off and dropping them on the ground. These were designed for the active photographer in mind and make a useful accessory in any camera bag.

These gloves are a perfect gift for any photographer that loves the outdoors. The ability to stay outside when the weather turns chilly and still use all your gear from action cams and cell phones to the professional DSLR or mirrorless camera truly makes these a great product.

Buy a pair for yourself or give them as a gift this holiday season. Any photographer would be happy to have these gloves. They are available in three sizes: medium, large and extra large. Photo Gloves are available at an introductory price of just $29.99 (regular $39.99).

Stop by the store today or order online!