Professional photographer and audio-­‐visual producer for over 40 years    

Photography for publica@ons and organiza@ons include Canadian Geographic, Canapress, Na@onal Film Board, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Dofasco, Firestone, Laidlaw, NCC Publishing, Clifford Elliot Publica@ons, SPY Records, Warner Music, Hamilton Magazine as well as photography for Robert Bateman's book "New Works", Burlington’s Joseph Brant and Ireland House Museums, photography for books on Hamilton, Oakville & Brampton and the business book Enterprise 2000.

Producer of large scale mul@ image AV experiences that celebrate the wonder of our world in imagery including "FIAT LUX" -­‐ An animated journey of light, "THE ROCKIES" -­‐ The majes@c landscapes that are the Canadian Rockies, “REACHING FOR THE SKY” -­‐ The Hamilton Interna@onal Airshow celebra@ng the pilots & planes that keep the memory of flight alive for today's genera@on, “LIFE” -­‐ A cinema@c journey about the wonderful diversity of life on earth, “OUR WORLD” -­‐ A powerful tribute to our planet earth, from nature to the environment and the human condi@on, “SPIRITLANDS” -­‐ A spiritual journey through the landscapes of Arizona and the Grand Canyon, “FIRENZE, Cradle of the Renaissance” – A journey through the beauty that is Florence Italy, “SURRENDERED TO TIME” – A poignant look at Springfield Castle and the landscapes of County Limerick, Ireland", “IT NEVER RAINS IN MONTE-­‐CARLO” -­‐ A dynamic look at the ul@mate test of driving skill in Formula 1 racing... the Monaco Grand Prix, and “BLUE AS BLUE” -­‐ a black & white tribute to the music of jazz great Miles Davis.

Other mul@-­‐media produc@ons include “City Landscapes” -­‐ a wide screen presenta@on for the city of Hamilton done live to Aaron Copeland's "Quiet City" performed by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, “The Voice of a City” for the Hamilton Region Conserva@on Authority which incorporated a live 100 voice choir during the performance which was presented to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and “The Human Touch”, a combina@on of live theatre and mul@-­‐image AV projec@on about the human condi@on that ran for two weeks at Theatre Aquarius and “The Elegance of an Image” -­‐ celebra@ng the impact of images which premiered at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Commercial AV and video produc@ons for such companies and organiza@ons as Ecodyne, Laidlaw, Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, The Salva@on Army, Hamilton Harbour Commission, Northern Telecom, Shell Canada, Wes@nghouse, and Firestone.

Presenter at numerous photographers' organiza@ons including; The Latow Photographers Guild, Canada Camera Conference, Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs, The Niagara Regional Camera Clubs Conven@on, The New England Camera Club Council Conven@on, Professional Photographers of Ontario and many other photography organiza@ons across Canada.

Numerous awards for both photography and AV produc@ons including the Latow Photographers Guild annual Audio-­‐Visual Fes@val, and Photo Life’s 20th anniversary photography compe@@on (digital imaging).