Professional Prints

If you have some wedding pictures or studio pictures shot by a professional photographer, you will be excited to get these images printed to share with family and friends.

Although your images may look great on your computer screen or mobile device, your photographer may not be familiar with the requirements for printing in our photo lab.

Please feel free to check with our staff before submitting your images for printing.

Some key points when editing your images for prints

Always do your editing on a calibrated monitor. There is simply no other way to be certain that what you see on your screen is what you will see when your images are printed. This should be done well before you ever start processing your images.

Also, be sure to choose Auto Corrections OFF when placing your order .. especially if your monitor is calibrated and you have meticulously processed your images for perfect colour.

Colour Space, File Type and File Size

Our state-of-the-art photo lab is optimized for sRGB colour space. If you edit and output your files in any other colour space (ie. RGB or Pro Photo), your finished prints will be appear to be flat and lifeless.

Our computerized workflow is setup to work with standard JPEG files. You will need to convert your RAW files, TIFF files or PSD files to standard JPEG files before uploading and printing. Your files should be cropped to their intended print size or aspect ratio at a resolution of 300 DPI. 


Sharpen your images for print while zoomed in to 100% view on your monitor to see the actual results. Excessive sharpening will result in unwanted artifacts in your finished prints.

Soft Proofing and Sample Prints

Our photo lab can provide you with a few sample prints for free. This will allow you to double check your final prints before placing an order. We strongly recommend this to our new clients.

When ordering Fine Art Prints, you also have the option of ordering a soft proof for a small additional fee. This will allow you the opportunity to double check the colour, contrast and resolution of your images before printing.